The Svenljunga blues runs the game

Blåkläder don't settle for anything ordinary – "good enough" just isn't good enough. They dare to take it to the next level and are renowned for setting new standards for quality workwear all over the world.


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Blåkläder always strive to be the very best and therefore needed to strengthen their brand.


A brand book was created to clarify what everyone should feel when they hear or read the Blåkläder name.


The result is a stronger brand that attracts customers, partners and new employees.


Blue genes never wear out

Blåkläder’s brand is a combination of values and culture that differentiates them from the rest and puts them in a league of their own.

Compañeros together with created a brand book that is their foundation, the blueprint one might say, for further development. We also created custom patches and stickers to showcase their core values.


  • Brand book
  • Patches and stickers

Skills in use