A clean future

Netclean develop the world’s leading solutions to fight child sexual abuse material on the web. By identifying and blocking illicit material, children are saved from ongoing abuse and future perpetrators can be identified.

We’re honored to have been able to help Netclean with their expansion to an international level.


  • Workshops to get the core values
  • Analyze and dissect their brand
  • Create a brand book and digital presentation


Netclean was about to cooperate on an international level and needed a distinct brand platform.


To establish Netclean’s core values through a series of workshops and dissection of their trademark.


A brand book and digital presentation that constitutes their trademark and position as a company.


Core values and
brand statement

The brand book is the result of an extensive situation analysis and a series of workshops to clarify their core values.

We also created a digital presentation that were used to expand to an international market.